Bobby Bowers

Within the sensorium is a transcriber, or a synthesizing faculty, using synonymous intangibles where association and experience fail: as the capacity of certain sounds to induce colour images, certain arabesque forms may find aesthetic truth.
From Where I’m Standing          
Besser Space


Pan Flute To A Dog’s Ear

1 December - January 29, 2022
Lamington Drive Gallery
Pan Flute to a Dog's Ear' is a visual conduit that transports you to warmer climes and dappled morning strolls. Robert Bower's latest body of work is a suite of views and vantage points from walks over the last year. Having honed a duality of colour and texture that is both hazily sun-faded yet crisp and clear, 'Pan Flute to a Dog's Ear' evokes a sanguine sensation: you are both immediately on a foreign holiday yet catapulted back to the street you grew up on. Flush with mellow warmth, this narrative between familiar suburban inclines and adventitious verandah views allows us to temporarily exist in a state of balmy flow.

‘Pan Flute to a Dog’s Ear’ is a deep wellspring of powder-coated, sun faded nostalgia. Viewed as a whole, the works are a warm morning trickled into a mild evening, with precious details of luminous watering cans, creamy concrete porches and delicately limned leaves. Fixated on the allure of sampling the neighbourhood, Bower's offers us a rare glimpse into a world of private emotion, made richer for its seclusion.